Galliano S/S 2011

I placed John Galliano’s show in the back of my mind when I waited for my coveted shows: the Pirate hooker Balmain, Lanvin, Miu Miu, etc. His work for Dior isn’t always my favorite, beautiful yes, but not always my favorite. Galliano never shies away from drama; let’s face it. This is the man who presented¬†this beautiful haute couture show in 2004. Galliano is always submersed in this dreamworld of inspiration.

Well, as I can never resist a little drama, Galliano scored a win in my book. He had an odd inspiration from Maria Lani, a woman who claimed to be an actress and jumped into the Paris art scene in the twenties. She convinced some 50 artists such as Matisse and Cocteau to paint her portrait. This vision of his resulted in a colorful and theatrical show.

I ask you this: what’s there not to love when a drunken stagger is encouraged?



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