These are my confessions…

I have really enjoyed this fabulous Fall break from Purdue; it’s been real. Relaxation, one day of work, and let’s not forget shopping. I’ve let my beloved blog in my afterthoughts whilst cuddling, playing and twirling through my extended weekend. Well, it’s come time to saddle back up online and treat myself to my thoughts. Here we go:

1) My relationship with H&M has become unhealthy. H&M is an evil succubus, but an oh so loving succubus at that. I can’t help I want to look so damn good all of the time.

2) What is up with this Anna Sui fragrance ad? They took Lily Donaldson, made her unrecognizable, placed her in Avril Lavigne’s wonderland and well, you see the results. Eek.

3) Something about this Teen Vogue cover with Lauren Conrad is off. It might be her smile or her teeth, likely a combination of both, that provides me with the terrifying conclusion that she wants to devour me. Maybe I’m too glass is half empty on LC; maybe her smile is truly genuine and she’d rather take me shopping later to gossip on Audrina and Heidi, but maybe she’d rather just feast on my bones. I don’t know.



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