Les pechés

Round two for Lara in Vogue Paris’s 90th Anniversary issue. Lara and Steven Klein teaming up always seems to have this sexual, tragic context to their editorials. It bothered me for some time how Steven is always so referential with his previous works lately, but here it works in a stunning portrayal of sins.

The story begins with the prideful Lara who looks down on her manservants, clad in perverse drag. Stone follows through with gluttony; her caviar-covered subject is the topic of her desires. While gazing and admiring herself in a mirror, the amount of greed shows no mercy when it comes to vanity. Her behaviors have led to unnecessary wheeling around, displaying her true slothfulness.  In the end, Lara spots the two together in lust and falls into despair from envy, resulting with her wrath from her golden gun.

“Les pechés”
Lara Stone
Ph Steven Klein
Réalisation Carine Roitfeld


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