Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011

I am really having a hard time with my judgement on this show. Not only is the soundtrack – which selection was perfect – horrendously too loud, the level of taste was questionable, Burberry’s definition seems to have shifted to a place I don’t want it to be. The neon seemed to distract from the quality of the fabrics and construction, visually cheapening many items. I’ll have to be honest that I enjoyed the numbers that stood out in color more so than the accents and accessories that were added. The heritage of the house turned more into a biker-scene, and the pants stood out more than anything else. There were superbly crafted leathers and finely jackets that saved this line, and the menswear were on point. Poor, poor Nina. The girl finally gave in due to those killer heels. Unfortunately for all of the wobbling models, she was the one who closed and fell.

Looking back through, nothing is terribly refreshing from Burberry Spring 2011. The problems I have with this seem to override what I truly loved, but it certainly isn’t true. I love Burberry season after season, so I’m hoping this will grow and I will definitely warm up to it.


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