Purple Magazine: 7 Favorite Pieces

What will we ever do with you, Wixson? Every time I see an image of you, I’m either terrified or intrigued. You have the lips of a blow-up doll that is more than ready to do her damage, teeth that give Georgia May and Bugs Bunny a run for their money, but you have such interestingly beautiful eyes and pretty hair. Let me call this confused. I’ll admit you have been looking less like a starving prostitute on recent runways, in fact, kind of good, but how is it you can look perfect in a minidress by Miu Miu or Balmain? There are many mysteries: Does life exist on another galaxy? Why doesn’t Britney get a proper weave? Now, I think your purpose has been added to that great, obviously important list, my dear.

Title: Seven favorite pieces of the season
Magazine: Purple Fall/Winter 2010
Model: Lindsey Wixson
Photographer: Olivier Zahm
Stylist: Yasmine Eslami



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