Less than seven months and 20,000+ views and counting. While school may be decreasing my posts, the views keep on getting larger and larger daily with even a few blog subscriptions along the way. I’ll keep posting what I find beautiful, intriguing or even hilarious and put it in my perspective. Keep on being stunning gods and goddesses. No leggings, denim dresses or leather flip-flops at the bars in here!

What better way to ring in the numbers than the incoming fashion weeks. NYC has ended and London just started. Destination Milan and Paris are incoming. The ’70s is a repeating trend on the runways for Spring 2011, both literal and and borrowed interpretations. The Proenza girl reflects the Chanel girl, but in the only way Proenza Schouler views her. Also, from pastels to berries to the minimalist’s whites and creams, color trends are all over the place. I’m excited to see what’s in store the next few weeks.

Keep on reading and keep on giving me feedback. Keep working, strutting, and shittin’ on them hos.

[Image: Bruce Webber]


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