Russian Dolls

Finally, I got the editorial from Vogue UK’s October issue I wanted. I’m hoping now I don’t ever have to see that cover with Cheryl ColepossiblyTweedybutIthinkshe’sstillCole. I’m sorry if I offend any Girls Aloud lover or UK fan, but she is the most popular from this musical act and I cannot stand the woman, even if she may possess the best hair that man has ever seen. Every nonsense pole they have across the pond, they are naming her “best dressed” and “most beautiful woman ever”. She’s a pretty lady, but I hardly think the most of those titles. Also, why is she clutching those flowers as if they were her wedding bouquet and she wants the world to know she’s not ready to move on, alluding to the fact she may end up like Miss Havisham. Girl, your man cheated. Do me a swift one and rethink this situation.

Now, what I’m really here for is Karlie. I am informed that this subject is not anything new or surprising from the photographer, but Karlie has such wonderful pose and brilliance, I’m glad the kid is at the top of the game. From Dior and Givenchy HC to Gaultier, the styling is superb and on point, and Karlie plays the role of a Russian doll exquisitely.

Russian Dolls
Ph: Tim Walker
Styling: Kate Phelan
Model: Karlie Kloss



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