Take a Bite of My Bad Girl Meat

While we wait on photos, just mute the video due to the annoying, cliché rock song.

Surprised? No. Amazing? Kind of. Annoyed? Yes. Hungry? A little.

The image of Gaga wearing a meat dress forever ingrained in my brain: Priceless.

I’m sorry that all of the endless starving children of the world must go hungry for one more day; Lady Gaga wore their meals on her back. I’m doubting she had a grill waiting on her in her dressing room, but who am I to judge?

Actually, with Cher presenting this award to Lady Gaga, it hopefully reminded the public that since the ’60s and ’70s, Cher has been doing it better every decade since. Also, Nicki Minaj frightens me slightly. While her costume options are slightly to highly tacky, girlfriend is nuts. Are entertainers purposely trying to compete to see who officially rules the Kingdom of Crazy? From one wackadoo to another, you all win.

*Noteworthy but off topic: Florence Welch wore Givenchy Fall 2010 Haute Couture, not to mention Ciara in Givenchy as well. Stunning.

[photo via MTV.com]


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