Christian Siriano Spring 2011 RTW

Christian Siriano possessed personality and had a promise to really have the ability in becoming a great designer. This is his now fifth season and while the latter may be true, this season has gone all downhill. There were several sweet and pretty mini-dresses, not to mention the pounce on Chloé’s leather trend, but that leather seemed a little cheap. I feel that I have seen it all before. To borrow from his quote from, Christian stated that their were African, Mediterranean, and Asian influences. While this may be true, the line did not seem coherent or flow. A great designer must have the ability to narrate their vision well through each and every look, and what I see are attempts of sophistication, to terrible printed leather, to swaths of endless ruffles. I’m all for a show, dramatic apparel is artwork to my eyes, but there was an unnecessary amount of ruffles the model could have swam in. Not to be vile or crass, but the red gown resembles a tampon, and I don’t know any woman that would love to flaunt that she may have just been taken out of a vagina.

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