V Magazine September 2010

At first glance I asked myself:

1) Oh, what is Aubrey O’Day doing on a magazine cover with Marc Jacobs?

2) Are those used condoms?

3) Why is the humor of this screaming as ill-conceived and a poorly shot cover?

I later saw this blown up image and took a closer look at the nonsense to see Lady Gaga. While I still love sometimes love her, she doesn’t look fashionable, not even crazy, but just a hot, trashy mess. Also, what is with her face? If anyone could answer me why she appears to be wondering about her decision of to show up like Lady Liberty on welfare, by all means explain. I know what Louis Vuitton gown she’s wearing, and it was so soft and beautiful going down the runway. Talk about a 360, trainwreck and explosion.

The logo is actually made up of chewed gum, so there’s that. I’m not feeling the cover at all. Major fail, V.

BUT, I don’t hate the editorial. Liya looks stunning and the Riccardo Tisci’s gold crown of thorns for Givenchy is wonderful to see in any editorial. I’m not fully judging you for this now, Testino. It’s still pretty much a mess, though. I see V spiraling down into obscurity if this continues.



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