US Vogue Sept. 2010: Halle Berry by Mario Testino

That hair…

Hasn’t Anna Wintour learned anything? I think Testino’s love, Kate Moss, would have been a lot better. I could actually name a list of people that would be better than this mediocre actor in this typical bob that’s surfaced on the cover of Vogue time and time again. Sure she’s pretty, but…YAWN.

Maybe I’m the only one, but 726 pages really does excite me. I love campaigns and ads in fashion magazines almost more than the actual content. I’m hoping for some beautiful editorials by Grace Coddington among others, because Halle isn’t hitting the mark for me. I really understand the bob’s significance with the 20s feel, but it just isn’t working. Let’s not even mention velvet. I understand the fabric is trying to make a comeback, but can we stop while we’re ahead? I despise velvet almost as much as Blair Waldorf loved headbands. They were like a part of her, you know?

Let’s take some risks, Anna. Pretty please!



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