H&M Fall Campaign

Almost as much as I want these clothes, I want Jon and his hair. His body is absolutely steamy and solid, but if only I could get my hair like that. I have at least three inches left to grow and then some. I’m going to get sick and tired and chop it off like Brit-Brit, because it will drive me crazy. Lyrical pun unintentional

Daria Werbowy and Jon Kortajarena head up H&M’s Fall campaign. I’ve fallen for every piece in the women’s collection shown in these few photos. I would honestly buy these tops for myself. No kidding. The men’s collection seems a bit played out and the same yearly, but you have to know how to mix it up and be playful. I’ve tried on the women’s blazers and they never have a size that wouldn’t rip like a “fat guy in a little coat”, so I’m just hoping that they’re bringing back trenches for men. I’ve always wanted a tan/camel-colored trench. I could go for one in blue as well. Not terribly picky, as long as it is fitted. This reminds me that I need to head over to one of my local H&M’s before going back to Purdue. Oh, fashion needs.

[H&M Facebook]


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