Vivienne Westwood Accessories – Fall 2010

I started this post out with a comparison of Vivienne and fine wine, but every time I tried, it started to contradict the point of a fine wine. What I’m saying here is that Vivienne Westwood is a truly unique designer and individual. I really wish American publications ran her campaigns as much as they would in say the UK. Her ads are always full of fun and odd spirit that only she can produce. Possibly I’m in the minority here, but I really loved last year or so when Pam Anderson was the face. It was so full of joy and excitement that I could not help but to love them. Here we go with another round of campaigns and this shot is of the designer herself, as she tends to star in some of her campaigns. Juergen Teller shoots this and while it may be definitively his, it’s all Vivienne.



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