Givenchy Play: Justin Timberlake

Boo. This is so boring. Here’s a look into the life of JT’s luxurious, pretentious life. I don’t really know that, but he always seems like such a pretentious douche, but I really can’t picture the man walking an old lady across the street for his good deeds. The man is honestly such a yawn. Sure, Jessica Biel might be sometimes pretty on the outside, but the two together do not scream interesting or appealing at all, visually or intellectually. Justin isn’t a Givenchy man. Not a classy individual, but rather an ex-boy band, heavily influenced by Michael Jackson performer. Audrey Hepburn was the epitome of the label in her day and ‘Alpha Dog’ here doesn’t really exude any masculine version of that. Then again, at least I haven’t heard anything particularly negative about William Rast.



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