Elle UK’s September Issue: Emily Blunt

It appears her grandmother’s doilies have tragically vomited all over her. This Valentino, or with the accompanied tights, were not probably the best choice to make on one of the most important issues of the year. She mentions within the magazine that she doesn’t approve of Photoshop to make them taller and skinnier. Well Emily, I see they should have done some editing to make it look less offensive to my eyes. Someone must have a grudge held against this beautiful woman, out of spite for her stealing Jim away. Sorry, ladies.

Oh, does it get better. While us peasants that must purchase this magazine in store get to see what she’s wearing, subscribers get to see what could be Cousin It for all I know, her hair all blown around. I just want to pull it back for her. At least her Dolce & Gabbana lace here is tasteful. Win some you lose some.

Magazine: Elle UK, September 2010
Actor: Emily Blunt
Photographer: Matthias Vriens-McGrath



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