Vanity Fair’s September Issue: Lady Gaga

And the September issues flow in. Lady Gaga is grey as a granny in Fred Leighton jewels. Although not a fashion magazine through and through, I suppose “The Style Issue” counts, right?

1. Kristen McMenamy, is that you?

2. Throwing up your Miley, I see.

3. Loving the nail polish.

4. No really, Kristen M, is that you?

5. I see we’re air brushing tattoos, Vanity Fair.

6. Kind of ethereal.

7. “Who is she? Why is she? Should you worry?” Rolling my eyes. Who is their target audience, the geriatric community?

Nick Knight – Photographer

Nicola Formichetti – Fashion Editor/Stylist

Sam McKnight – Hair Stylist

Val Garland – Makeup Artist

Lady Gaga – Entertainer



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