Mischa Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Mischa, Mischa, what is your life? With that look on your face, you don’t have to say it, girl. We got you. That Miu Miu dress is inherently ugly, yet cute in a quirky way, but on you, it is coming off as a bit nuts-o. While Swashbuckler McGee or perhaps Bret Michaels behind you isn’t helping anyone’s case, you my dear, look like an absolute loon.

Do yourself a favor, fix those stank-ass extensions, possibly take it a bit lighter on the makeup or maybe heavier, but when you’ve reached whore or Christina Aguilera’s mask, you’ve gone too far.  Also, save the Miu Miu for an event that doesn’t include leaving a pub (What are you doing at a pub anyway? Aren’t you suppose to be sober? Oh, I get it. You have will power. A Wonder Woman of our generation.).  Trust me, do yourself some favors and maybe your legacy won’t be Marissa Cooper. Marinade on that.



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