Modern Love

I almost deleted this editorial from my computer when I realized I never even posted the set. Talk about close call and one added attempt to battle premature Alzheimer’s and dementia, but such is life.

Freja and Dan look pretty fabulous in their fictional rocker romance, but the real focus, or at least to my eyes, are those absolutely ravishing, gold sequined Balmain pants that Dan is wearing. I remember Natasha Poly wore those stunners down the runway in March and now really need a pair. Where will I wear them you ask? Simply to wash the dishes, do my grocery shopping, or possibly while watching some delicious crazy “satchels of gold” on Bravo. One really doesn’t know the outcome of sequined pants, but the outcome obviously doesn’t come short of fucking fantastical.

Interview August 2010

Ph: Craig McDean
Styling: Karl Templer
Models: Freja Beha Erichsen, Dan Kling
Scanned by behansu



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