Dare I even mention it? CoughMiuMiuCoughPradaCough. There isn’t an editorial that doesn’t get better from it, is all I’m saying. Maybe one day I won’t have to mention the products of Miuccia when she finally sends me a collar with nude ladies. One can dream, right? I mean, Ke$ha has hit songs, like, songs people listen to on the radio. Taylor Swift still sings about magical boys or something. When is it my turn, Ke$#@*!a? When is it my turn to basque in that glittery sun?!

I need to cool down and focus. I should be grateful I’m not just a performing dumpster, so lets focus on what’s in front of us. Add the likes of Givenchy mixed with beautiful leathers and finely tailored clothes on Magdalena, you have this perfectly style editorial. Magda is pulling distressed beauty all too perfectly.

Model: Magdalena Frackowiak
Photographer: Greg Kadel
Stylist: Brian Molloy
Numéro 115
August 2010



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