CNN: Dolce & Gabbana Revealed

CNN has an interesting segment titled REVEALED, this time covering Dolce & Gabbana, specifically focusing on the two’s relationship. My first glimpse was in a story for GQ quite a few years ago and was mesmerized by the two, Domenico and Stefano, ever since. They have been working with each other for three decades and you see that neither can work without the other. There is a very delicate, yet strong relationship that is present. The two no longer have the sexual or romantic relationship, yet their love for one another is stronger than ever and see that they need one another for their work and are very much like family.

In the segment you will see three different pieces. These include the preparation of their menswear label for Autumn, their shared weekend house in Portofino, and then 20 years in menswear. Check it out now HERE.



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