Crystal Renn May Be Shrinking?

I don’t really get the buzz on Crystal Renn. Fine, fine, she’s a “plus-size” model living in a real model’s world, but then, everyone is making a big deal that she may or may not be losing weight. Why does it matter? The media makes a big deal that she’s the poster-child for the average woman and it seems like every editorial the girl gets, it focuses on the body. Luckily she gets reputable work on a few runways and campaigns, but she did Chanel Resort and even I pointed out she lost a bit of curve, but really, that’s great for her. The photo above was posted on Ford Models Blog and the buzz last week was that she is apparently losing weight. Jean Paul Gaultier features Crystal in the latest Fall campaign and well, she appears to be her stunning self regardless of size. Why focus on the body when she’s still doing her job in a healthy manner? Sure the clothes and the styling aren’t that great, but she looks healthy and girlfriend can do whatever she wants with her body and should so without public scrutiny.

Model: Crystal Renn and Kelly Moreira
Photographer: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin


Model: Crystal Renn
Photographer: Nicholas Routzen



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