Guapo Summer Issue and Popsicles

The weather is hot and humid and everyone always enjoys something that cools you down. The bodies here keep it very steamy, but a popsicle goes a long way. Sexy, cute, and campy. River acts a bit of a skank and needs to learn how to model, but who’s really looking past those bodies?

It took me a while to post this editorial up on my blog. I finally figured out where I could find the source and decided to head to Google. Nonetheless, I was redirected to a photo of an open vagina and my world was terribly shaken and almost gave up right then and there. I endured on after such blunt, visual trauma and was eventually welcomed to quite the summer editorial. Just like Jil Sander’s Spring 2011 menswear, DayGlo is the way to go. Excuse me for rhyming. Well, here’s the sexy editorial from Guapo‘s summer issue.

Model: River Viiperi, Roger Frampton, Ryan Mertz and Erik Johansson
Photographer: Steve Morriss
Stylist: Simon Harris



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