Givenchy Haute Couture

Haute couture week has gone and passed and I’m still fawning over photos of the elaborately detailed gowns and jackets from Givenchy. Riccardo Tisci decided to just present a minute collection instead of a larger elaborate runway show. The detailed ornamentation is absolutely enormous and stunning. My personal favorite gown is the one that Natasha Poly models with Swarovski crystals that formed an apparent skeleton, which is just one of the inspirations for the line. The gown took somewhere around 1600 hours to create and it’s just beautiful to just stare at.

What was really interesting with this particular collection is the materials and way her created the textiles. For instance, he had eerily beautiful dégradé ostrich feathers with dark, chocolate brown. The fur was a bleached baboon fur, which is particularly odd. While Chantilly lace isn’t my favorite textile and can look a bit aged to my eyes, the patterns in it were duplicated on the leathers with a perfectly exquisite appearance.

Tisci created one of my favorite Resort and then Couture collections, so you could say I’m eagerly waiting Spring fashion in September.



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