Teen Vogue: Gay Best Friend

This article is atrocious and I’m hoping this is some sad joke. I will say that the editor made note that no one deserves to be treated like a passing fad or arm candy, why would there even be an article this shallow and silly? I love the part where they speak about the girl and “GBF” gave her such wonderful advice that she didn’t actually look good in an orange Marc by Marc Jacobs poncho and that she looked too skinny at some point in her life. First off, all friends should tell you that you look absolutely ridiculous in a poncho that no one should EVER wear, and if you weren’t too busy with your finger down your throat to fit in said poncho, you probably wouldn’t be in the place to perpetuate gay stereotypes that all of us are stylishly savvy. I can tell you from my personal observation, you are indeed wrong.

While there might be some truth and good in the article suggesting friendship and the psychologist, but the term “gay best friend” is so silly. I’m not anyone’s gay friend, just friend. What does one’s sexuality have to do with anything to constitute a friendship? This is put on par with the ignorant usage of gay being synonymous with the word stupid or the usage of the term fag/got like it isn’t just any degrading slur, because you do sound ignorant and need to be educated. There’s absolutely no argument there to how disgusting you sound.

Back to the article. Are girls this desperate and bored with their lives? Are those obnoxious Silly Bandz not fulfilling their frivolous lives anymore? The article compares these girls with figures in movies, television, and the real fashion world. The basis of those figures seem to have more depth than this mindless fad these high school-aged girls are falling under. I can go on-and-on on this topic, but need to stop while I get ahead of myself. Whether I’m fashionable, fabulous, or none of the above, let’s just say that you’re lucky to just have me as a friend, a human being, who may or may not be able to help and relate with you on the superficial and meaningful things in life.



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