V Magazine: “The Sexy Body Issue” ft. Adriana Lima

There’s no denying Adriana Lima has a sexy body, if not one of the most, pre- or post-natal, but something about this cover screams cheap whore, trashy, etc. Those given adjectives are not something I would ever describe the once ‘Sexiest Virgin’, so why did Mario Sorrenti insist on shooting Adriana on the cover of V like it were Hustler? To add a little more cheapness to the equation, there are 1000 covers of each girl (Natasha Poly, Eniko Mihalik, Lily Donaldson, and Isabeli Fontana) with scratch-off V logos to reveal some nips. While I have no problem with nudity in fashion, there isn’t any need to make it look like a back alley skank on the cover of a fashion magazine. My second problem lies within the models’ faces. Adriana and possibly Natasha look decent, but why does every one have the look of boredom or the fact that they’re holding back a massive poo? While nothing can be perfect, this certainly falls into that theory.

With that being said, if this is supposed to look like a bit trashy and campy, then I can come around and appreciate the covers for what they’re worth. There is an editorial poking fun of the infamous WAGs, or a footballer’s wife. It still weirds me out with the scratch-off covers any way you look at the matter.



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