Trussadi 1911: Personal Definition

Coming across Trussadi’s Spring 2011 collection made me realize my personal style and everything that I could hope it could be after investment into key pieces. While the line might not be anything particularly groundbreaking or brilliant, almost everything about it speaks to me and defines what I adore in personal style. The animal print shoes and matching accents may not be my individual tastes, yet those few pieces that have opportunity to stand out is everything I enjoy about dressing up. Whether I choose an over-sized, women’s cocktail ring or a d.i.y. feather and sequin brooch, those things create a total and complete look with individuality. The perfect examples here is that perfectly tailored blue blazer and that red one. Perfect.

Without proper finances that I don’t possess being a college student, I would probably not purchase any pants tailored that high, yet I fully stand behind pegging jeans or slim slacks and to wear no socks. It might help that my hair and generally standard aviators match the models, but I feel this line is what I am all about. Amore.



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