Sharkboy Does GQ

While werewolves may not be my favorite breed of mystical creatures, T.Lautner’s body is absolutely magical to look. He looks like a complete douchebag, but sometimes we must accept that fact just to have a little eye candy. Almost makes me want to put down this DQ® Dill Bar®. Almost, I said.

His new cover and editorial is all about sportswear. For myself, sportswear has never been a favorite of mine, but what I really love are those sweatpants by Simon Spurr. I’m not joking, I love those sweatpants, and I have a firm belief no one should leave their house in sweatpants just the same as J-Lo and her ass should never make movies, especially after such classics as Anaconda and Maid in Manhattan. Really though, the sweatpants are basically tailored and don’t look like something A.C. Slater would sport before a wrestling match. I NEED THEM ON ME NOW!



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