Megan Fox in Interview

If there’s something or someone I dislike more than the Transformers movies is the femme fatale of the franchise, Megan Fox. The amount of garbage that just leaks and spews from her mouth is beyond necessary and she truly is the trailer trash, poor man’s Angelina Jolie for a new generation, despite her or anyone avoiding comparisons e.g. Marilyn Monroe tattoo. BUT, and there is a big but, I really like this editorial with Interview. She really does work that bobbed wig and the mannequin. Reminiscent of Alberta Ferreti  from ’07 and recently Lanvin, which she might even be wearing. She emulates a different form of sexy, rather than the seductive, slightly slutty side of what she generally pulls out and I’m really impressed. My only problem is that she needs to close her mouth, but for all I know she has some sort of impairment that doesn’t allow her to close her jaw completely, which could attribute to her incessant need to say whatever b.s. that comes from her mouth to prove that she’s not some bimbo. Well, guess what? No one believes that you don’t recognize your beauty or whether you have an hypothesis on how to cure muscular dystrophy or that weird thumb of yours. That’s about as interesting as watching George W. Bush compete in a spelling bee, which might actually be quite hilarious. Speaking of mouth, the sharp red lip and the contrasting black clothing that contrasts with her milky skin is indeed beautiful. Whatever you’re doing here, keep doing it, Foxy.

Title: Megan Fox
Magazine: Interview June 2010
Model: Megan Fox
Photographer: Craig McDean



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