Men’s Trend Alert = Fail

I’m absolutely appalled at men’s jean shorts. That trend crashed and burned a few years ago and brought in another we truly despise – the cargo shorts. Well, well, well. Jeans shorts are making their way back on men after an increasing trend of cut-offs right above the knee. The trend is more of a slim fit or even a skinny jean that is cut-off and is vomit-inducing. Spare me, please.

My example I chose are 511™ Skinny Cut Off Shorts and are fairly tolerable than ones I’ve seen, I’m sure the suspect I’ve been seeing are from Express. Go figure, stereotypes. The way the stylist chose to pair them look fairly decent, but it’s one trend I’ll be passing on. I’ll stick to my smart shorts and continue on my merry, drunken way.


Are plaid shorts still chugging along? I never understood them and they just seemed like an unnecessary trickle-down effect of Ralph Lauren that went extremely overboard and was definitely beating a dead horse. Pardon my metaphors. I still have my Ralph Lauren plaid shorts and I wonder how they’ll look altered into smart shorts…dilemmas in life.



4 thoughts on “Men’s Trend Alert = Fail

  1. I think cargo shorts, cutoff jean shorts, and plaid shorts are all fine. It seems, according to you, men aren’t allowed to wear shorts at all.

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