Avril’s ‘Forbidden Rose’…Rolling Eyes.

What are the first things that come to mind when Avril Lavigne is mentioned?

1) Washed-Up

2) Rat-faced

3) Don’t you think that punk thing is a little overplayed? Really? Yawn.

4) No seriously. Skulls, bows, and rhinestones are not cute, skater girl.

I could go on at this girl’s miserable, failing and drowning career, but somehow she manages to grab a hold of that lifesaver that’s probably black and pink adorned in skulls, and makes herself noticed…or at least tries to. The most we generally see of her is rolling out of club with Brody Jenner, and while drinking is one of my favorite sports, is this what her life has come to? She’s now putting out a fragrance that sure is to be purchased by tweeners in Hot Topic’s discount bin, because they’re soooooo different, and well, I can’t say I’m impressed at all. It probably looks and smells about as cheap and tacky as Abbey Dawn, you’re stupid clothing line at Kohl’s. I’m sure this will be a hot seller.


3 thoughts on “Avril’s ‘Forbidden Rose’…Rolling Eyes.

  1. HAHAHA! Skulls always remind me of someone’s “fashion” we always make fun of…Of course she’s wearing a bow & heavy eye liner. EVOLVE AVRIL EVOLVE!…actually just disappearing would be fine.

    HE WAS A S8TER BOI!!!!!

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