Lady Gaga on SHOWstudio

SHOWstudio is a fashion blog along with various elements, notably the SHOWstudio with Nick Knight’s live videos that have featured 9 well-known people in fashion, the latest being Lady Gaga. There’s not a moment that I would shy away from the Lady, so why not send everyone the link to watch what she has to say about fashion and whatever topics they can fit in. I will admit, I’m loving the short hair. Very Madonna-esque, as she’s obviously modeling her career and music after the ‘Queen’. Can’t wait to watch the interview in its entirety either.


From the website:

Pop phenomenon, fashion icon and award-winning recording artist, Lady Gaga is the ninth participant in our In Camera live interview series, exclusively answering questions submitted by friends, celebrities and fans worldwide.

We are delighted to announce that this live and unedited interview will now be broadcast FREE OF CHARGE from 12:00 – 14:00 BST on Sunday 30 May 2010, with on-demand footage available shortly after.


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