Burberry Prorsum Resort 2011

Burberry, one of my true favorites. I am a fan of what Mr. Bailey does for Burberry. He gives it edge with sophistication while keeping true to the heritage of the house. This resort collection refelects past collections, yet gives a whole take on them. I look forward to mimic what he did with the menswear. I know H&M has a striped shirt just like the one Sebastian is wearing paired with that blue blazer to die for. The lookalike at H&M has white piping, which is even that much better, minus the superb quality of Burberry Prorsum. Like I’ve mentioned times before, I love the dress shoes without socks. The look here stays away from the casual pegged pants, but has these finely tailored trousers that come just above the shoe, which we’ve seen before and I’ve always adored from Burberry. In high school I fell in love with their menswear silhouettes and this is no different.

I love both the shoes, particulary those heels with the buckles. Absolutely fabulous. The lace and fine knits are quite pleasant and pretty. What bothers me are those leopard-print rabbit furs. I love fur both faux/real, but it just looks awfully tacky, but apparently they’re fairly lightweight, given the season they’re produced for. What really catches my attention though, is all of those textures, the leather and that ruching. Honestly, ruching can look so bad and poorly executed, but this really looks like class. The trench coats. Do we even need to mention them? Burberry literally invented the trench and this line is so lightweight and beautful, especially the lace. If I could just get my hands on one for all seasons…the dream.

Streamlined and sexy is what this line is all about. Melissa and Sebastian really bring that out in this presentation. Burberry always has a knack for model selections that represent the brand, granted I feel Hermione was a bit off this past season, but Kate Moss is still legendary and synonymous with the brand in past and choices of that annoying Agyness Deyn worked. Overall, Burberry is always anything I could ever want in a wardrobe: British edge and cool.



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