I Die – Rachel, Brad (shirtless), and Creepy Terry

Terry Richardson photographs his subjects in a certain way, generally sexy, sometimes you feel you need to take a shower because it’s so dirty, but the point is that he may be a little creepy. I’m overlooking that here. These photos are ba-na-nas, literally ba-na-nas. Like, I die. If you know me, the secret that I love The Rachel Zoe Project is out and open. It’s also obvious that I have an unhealthy obsession with Brad. There’s a fantasy I have that before we make love, we take off our over-sized, hipster-esque glasses, and we rip off one another’s finest designer suits, mine of course being Tom Ford or Burberry. Now I know what Mr. Bradley Goreski looks like without his shirt. Just the way I like and imagined. Fap, fap, fap…While I do have a fantasy of working for Rachel, muscle-y and hairy Brad is making it a bit hot in here.



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