Weekly Gaga Post of Crazy

It’s almost 6am and I woke up and can’t go back to sleep. While I could be imagining something to write about Chanel’s Cruise 2011 collection, I choose to write a Gaga Super-Post. For one, I wanted reason to post her Tokyo performance for Mac Cosmetics and two…her costume over in Berlin.

First, SHOWstudio will be livestreaming an interview with Lady Gaga on May 30th. This will be a live and unedited interview and you should first sign up for the newsletter for further details on May 13th and then after the 14th, you can submit questions. Fashionista.com noted that previous guests included Alexander McQueen, Kate Moss, Jeurgen Teller, Vivienne Westwood, and Bjork. Should be quite the fashionable experience.

Second, I must have missed when Lady Gaga became a wizard. She could very well be up to all sorts of witchcraft, but with this get-up, I see wizardry in her life. This would be what she would wear if she rivaled Gandolf and co. in the Lord of the Rings or maybe even a fellow student of Harry’s. The real issue are those shoes. We’ve seen some crazy shoes in the past. Victoria Beckham ran around with heel-less shoes, Gaga has worn variations in performances and whatnot, but these latest she’s been wearing are nuts. It seems as if she’s just balancing on that single platform. Probably much easier said than done, and I would imagine some magical force allowing her to do so. I mean, there really isn’t any other logical answer for such a wackadoo. Love you, silly girl.

Last but not least, her MAC performance in Tokyo a few weeks ago. Mark, I see you looking all sorts of sexy in those white briefs. Yum. Some might be getting a bit tired of her schtick, and that’s understandable, but lady keeps pushing these “art” performances, so at the very least you must appreciate her for the effort.



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