Chanel Resort 2011

St. Tropez was the selected location for Chanel Resort 2011. It was definitely a blast from 70s past. The usual bouclé tweed jackets were ever present along with staples from the 70s that included crocheted dresses and caftans. The cast of models from the film Lagerfeld made to preview this collection were all there, strutting barefoot down the road by a roadside café that onlookers sat and watched. It’s nice to see Karolina Kurkova modeling runway again. I really enjoy her being back. I bet VS regrets dropping her a year or so ago. Also, did anyone really care about Crystal Renn and Georgia May Jagger being cast in the show? The only thing plus-size about Crystal is her boobs and wasn’t it about time for Georgia May to hit up the runways anyway. Another failed attempt to change standards, so I feel the designers should just stop trying and let it evolve. I’m tired of hearing Crystal Renn’s name and then a focus on shape and her being a plus-sized model.

Resort collections are really hit and miss with me. They can be either boring or effortlessly cool. Chanel here capture ugly and effortlessly cool in this collection. I’m not going to lie. A majority are really beautiful pieces, and I really loved the menswear, but overall there were some really fug pieces that need to go and stay where the 70s birthed them. I enjoy the florals, the denim, and the sweaters, especially the green one that Baptiste wears. Sexy.

When there were accessories, there were some hot shades, a few bags, and some sandals. I think Lagerfeld could have completed some of the looks with some really cute must-have sandals instead of having the majority of the models traipsing around barefoot, even if his three male models were absolutely stunning doing so. What I did notice is that he brought these gold, wedge gladiators down the street runway. I honestly thought gladiators were coming to an end up so high in the clothing chain, but nope, they keep coming and actually work well with the looks.

I did really enjoy this collection, but I feel some of the elements could have been updated more. I know a lot of sources could disagree, but we don’t need pieces straight from the decade. Bring them out and update them a bit more and bring in a whole new level of Riviera-chic to the table.

Did he have to put the ugly clothes on Crystal Renn? I’m just saying. Take a “plus-size” model, yeah whatever, and then put her in the ugly clothes. Oh, well. Needless to say I didn’t like Crystal Renn until this week, so I should probably get to my post of an editorial with her. Maybe tomorrow or something.



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