Naomi Watts – BlackBook

How perfectly fierce and flawless is Naomi? The S&M-light theme is a little sexy, but mostly pretty. She’s not too edgy to completely pull it off, but she’s absolutely stunning, nonetheless. Gorgeous, Aussie. Not that it’s absolutely needed, but how awesome would it be if they put her in Gareth Pugh’s Spring or Fall 2010. Harden the makeup and that would have been absolutely perfect. Such is life.


I read on that she’s linked to the remake of The Birds, a Hitchcock classic. While it’s apparently stalled, I hope to sweet shitballs that it stays that way and disappears to oblivion. Not only do we remember what happened with the remake of King Kong (enough said), another remake or any remake of any iconic point in film history is not needed. Just Saying.


While we might have seen her Met Gala gown on the likes of Joan Collins in the 80s, I feel she pulled it off flawlessly without having to scheme and tackle one into a pool. Wouldn’t that have been awesome, though?!


My, my Gwennie Paltrow. I see you on “The Marriage Ref” and I love that orange dress and those heels. Don’t really like you, but congratulations on looking perfect, kitty cat. Back to Naomi.



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