My, How Old You Look, Gaga…

Don’t you dare drag the genius that is Miuccia into this, Gaga. I’ve been awaiting photo evidence of your suit and while this may be the only one and hardly gives a glimpse, you really should have checked your head in the mirror. The wig is beyond tacky, I’d have enjoyed the normal curls that you have been wearing recently, but that isn’t even the worst. Your makeup completely washes you out and adds about 40 years to your supposed young age. Don’t tell me this is your “Alejandro” faze. I don’t like it. If Madonna looks more youthful than this, you better check yourself at the door, honey b.



2 thoughts on “My, How Old You Look, Gaga…

    1. Hahaha, it really isn’t. If she tweaked the makeup and the wig she would look youthful. Oh well, I just have high standards maybe?

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