Lindsay Lohan With Guns and Blood

These  new photos of Linds have been running rampant around gossip blogs for the past week. They say they’re just art and that’s fine, but they would be just the type of images you would see at this point in her life. Whether she actually has a problem or not is under debate, but shouldn’t she be focusing less on “shock art” and more on cleaning up her image a bit? In no way do I personally have a problem with these, but the general public are going to view them and be all, “oh, Lindsay is so out of control.” I can admit these are gruesome, but I don’t even find a need for all of the shock throughout the set. The whole series of photos aren’t really that cohesive. We have the gun which is reminiscent to the knife scenario a few years ago, then we have it pointed at her, then her posing with the blood, and then she’s all, “I’m Linds-rico Suave with sexy stunner shades and lips.” I’ve said I’ll always back you up Lilo, but at some point this act gets a little tiring and I can’t dream to be the friend that slides a drink to you behind everyone’s back. Let’s get responsible, not retarded.



2 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan With Guns and Blood

  1. Ok. The only way to get that nice little blood spatter on the wall back there is with a knife wound to a massive artery. Most usually a neck sharp force trauma wound would cause that type of gruesome arterial spurt, not shown in pic. The pics aren’t cohesive… and I don’t even think its shock art. People drive me nuts! 🙂

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