Gaga Casual

Before we get into her attire, girlfriend looks rough. While most of the time I feel the lady needs a Big Mac and a large pizza with extra cheese, she desperately needs the sleeping chamber Michael Jackson once reportedly used to sleep in, and dear God hopefully never with Bubbles. With that said, we’ve only seen her casual looks on rare occasions, this HERE is the only one coming to mind. We hoped to never see that day again. While on subject, how did I ever miss Lindsay holding a child? Moving on.

When we write about what Miss Gaga is wearing we hardly write anything seriously. I mean, she all costume and crazy with a capital “C.” You must just appreciate her for being her and move on and get back to watching reruns of Real Housewives and Real Chance of Love or whatever you do with your sad existence. Since she’s casually hitting up the grocery store, I feel she’s well-equipped for the beating complete with shin guards since she isn’t technically in costume.

Somewhere between touring and Los Angeles she must have detoured in Blossom’s closet of 90’s past. Yeah, maybe she’s not equipped with an awful hat with some faux-flower sewed on, those horrendous pink, cut-off, embroidered pants I could have sworn seeing my sister or cousins wear growing up, and I do hope they were full-length at that, takes place of Blossom’s crazy headgear. The jacket looks like a floral couch that once were popular. Maybe she wants people to sit on her and who am I to judge, but a sofa is nothing to wear around the town. At the same time, I almost want to call it chic. Nah, who am I kidding?

Despite everything that is disastrous about this whole look, I’m not completely shunning her. This is where her character comes back to play. Sure she says there is no differentiation between Stefani and Lady Gaga, but you know what I mean, right? I can’t completely think she looks awful. A mess, yes. Like a crazy cat lady that has ventured into her love of American Apparel and fashion, maybe so. I think she’s up to something and I don’t know if I want to know what that may be.


What is going up with her XYZ situation? It appears she’s all zipped up, but it appears to be open. Another matter for another day I suppose.


Hey, probably her assistant girl. A side-pony?! Really? Also, I’m sure the weather is quite pleasant in LA right now. I’m not there, but it surely is. While Gaga hardly wears pants so the city could be having some unnaturally cold weather, I’m just saying. Check yourself, girl.



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