The World’s 10 Most Powerful Luxury Brands

Millword Brown Optimor released the world’s 10 most powerful luxury brands. Not much really changed in the list except Hennessy, a LVMH owned brand, and Rolex flipflopped as well as Moët & Chandon, another LVMH brand, and Cartier. Tiffany & Co. is the newest addition to the list. No real surprises here. While they can be a tad tacky, sorority girls alike here on campus have singlehandedly been dropping their Coach bags and slowly purchasing Louis Vuitton’s to flaunt and keep the company at the top. I see what you girls are up to. With the addition of Tiffany & Co., we note that diamonds may not be a girl’s “best” friend, but maybe handbags and alcohol are their true bff’s that they’re having breakfast with. Oh, I went there. These are the names synonymous with luxury and are more or less here to stay.

1. Louis Vuitton

2. Hermès

3. Gucci

4. Chanel

5. Hennessy

6. Rolex

7. Moët & Chandon

8. Cartier

9. Fendi

10. Tiffany & Co.



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