Only Gaga

I don’t know of anyone else that would deface a Birkin bag. As we see this is a white, probably brand new, Hermès Birkin bag. This isn’t some hideous Vera Bradley (no girls on campus, you do not look cute. My grandmother has better tastes than that). Do we know how much one costs, ladies and gentlmen?! The average price is around $6,500 and rises drastically from there when you choose exotic leathers like crocodile and the such and double and triple the price when you customize it with whatever. I mean, she definitely has the money, so this is definitely a huge FUCK YOU to those who desire this product, and I could actually appreciate that slightly if there wasn’t such craftsmanship in these bags. This is a coveted bag. As with most high-end products, the consumer gets a feel of exclusivity. I mean, these bags generally take 48 hours to craft. The wait-list is ungodly from months to years. I mean, why does anyone need a bag that expensive? Right, right. Point taken. Thank you Lady Gaga for making my heart stop. Meanwhile, it’s actually kind of cool what you did there, but you could have saved it for another item, right?!



2 thoughts on “Only Gaga

    1. hahaha, someone pointed out on a community i go to that it might either be eyeliner or the more obvious, china marker, based on their perception of the smudge. i’ll choose to stick with that comment.

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