My Dream Featuring Kate Moss

Maybe telling the public about my dream last night/this morning confirms my crazy. I do love some crazy, but generally in a nice, hot cup of Lohan with a bit of flavored creamer, but dreams can be strange and rarely makes sense. I mean, just the other night I had a dream that I was Michael Corleone, but on campus her at lovely Purdue. Anyway, I was at a diner with my father and my sister and we were waiting for our waitress. Turns out our waitress was Kate Moss. My dear, dear Kate. She went to take my order and I told her I wanted a Coke and she got shitty that I didn’t continue with my actual food order. She then skipped me and I tried to play it off like silly me and then from what I remember we got into an argument and I mentioned that she probably would spit in my food. This saddens me. I do not like to think of Kate Moss, my fashion icon and art/creative muse, would be so rude and scary. I picture her as a kind, sweet person as I have seen from video interviews and the such. Cue frown-y face.

I had to get up to open work, but that quickly turned around once we got a rush, because there’s nothing more I like than a rush at work when we are technically understaffed for those rushes and I still get the people through and in a timely fashion. No really, I really enjoy that. Years of being in the service industry pays off if you’re not a lazy ass like most kids that are produced nowadays. Where was I?

Okay, so it was just a silly dream. We’ve seen it many times in movies and television where the person someone looks up to a figure and that person turns out to be a jerk, etc. Why did it have to be in a dream. I laugh and send you off onto your day.



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