The Pegged Jeans and No Socks

Last summer-ish a trend came back into swing and I was unsure about it. As with most trends, they always start at the top of the ladder and trickle down. We’ll see these trends begin on the runways and with the fashion crowd in large cities where they can get away with experimenting with trends like in NYC, London, and Paris. Within this post includes pictures of me and J.CREW’s Spring/Summer presentation, among others.

Like I said, this trend came back last summer-ish and is still actually gaining momentum. I started to really like it and now I’ve attempted it a few times. I’ve gotten approval from my fashion acquaintance and fellow fashion follower Patti, and received approval from my dear friend Emma who said I looked cute. Not that I really need approval of what I wear, you just sometimes would like to know that you’re not some crazy loon frolicking around campus with such tom-foolery.

The thing I like about this look is that females and well-dressed men can wear this look really well. I like when women wear either a heel of the sandals or booties variety, flats, or oxfords. Men can pull this off with oxfords, boat shoes, desert boots, wing-tips, and leave it to open interpretation for both sexes. The look overall is fairly casual, but can really pull a dressy look down to a more casual vibe. Either way, it can make the jeans or pants you’re wearing more interesting. I approve of this look as it reaches a broader amount of people who try to pull it off.

Another part of this trend I like is with the oxfords and dress shoes that you don’t wear socks. I know GQ for one has really been pushing this trend for a couple years and I’m still very pleased with the results. Weather you peg your jeans or you’re wearing a suit, this is an excellent look for the spring and summer months when you’re not going for the complete dressy look. Okay, some of you think I’m completely crazy, but seriously, get out of that box. You need photo evidence, pick up a GQ or check out the Sartorialist’s blog. The look is completely awesome and to pull it off receives bonus points in my eyes, ladies and gentlemen. There are issues for people without socks that include comfort, sweat, etc. There are ways to avoid that all and just figure it out to pull off the total look. I’ll be wearing it with my Livesey’s from ALDO and I’ll be completely happy.



2 thoughts on “The Pegged Jeans and No Socks

    1. you can buy inserts, silly. they help for the sweat and then you can place band-aids if you are prone to getting blisters. easy as pie is what it is 😉

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