Mischa, girl…uh

Mischa honey, what in the hell are you up to?! Have you officially gone waist-deep in the looney bin? There are no words to this madness…wha…gah. I like the print? We know you went all cra-cra because you don’t have work anymore after the O.C. You use to be so adorable. A few weeks back you were at a Nylon event and you looked pretty-ish and all your old cohorts like Lindsay and Paris were there just like it was 2005 all over, but girl, you need something and you need that something  bad. Recently you’ve been prancing around in glorified mini-muumuu’s and it’s getting me all confused here. I don’t know what to say or think. Now you pair them with what may or may not be Doc Marten’s and it frightens me terribly. I make fun of girls like you and now you just take the joy and splendor out of that because you’re all crazy and disheveled, but not in a way I can get my giggles from. Correct this and ASAP. I’m not even going to say you’re fat, because you’re not. Brandon Davis can shut his greasy trap, because let’s face it, a girl cannot keep a teenage figure for life and you would look good if you brushed off a little crazy and wiped on a little sanity. Meanwhile, I leave you readers with this brilliant moment in television history. Teehee.



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