Jersey Guidos + Bar Rafaeli = Travesty

Why I’m even posting this is beyond me, seriously. I think it’s how much I despise the fashions that these guidos and guidettes wear about. Tans, obscene amounts of gel and pouf, extreme fake tans that is deeper than any skanky sorority girl, and well, tacky Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier-inspired clothing that makes me want to wash my eyes with alcohol every time I gaze upon such trashy-wear. I should give them the benefit of the doubt that they don’t change and definitely are rocking their definition, but I just can’t help puking in my mouth.

Anyway, back to the photos. Bar Rafaeli joins the guidos and creates a sweaty good ol’ time from Terry Richardson for Interview Magazine that I could do without. I never really liked her that much, though. I mean, she’s pretty and gorgeous, but she never really got out of that lingerie and swimsuit modeling. I’ve just lost interest.

I do like their loafers and I do like her swimsuits. That’s a plus, right? Oh well, maybe I’m too hard on them and I need to find a way to cherish these gems. Somehow. Anyway, I know that Jersey Shore lovers will find this pleasing, so gaze away guidos and guidettes.



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