Kate Moss All Furry

I don’t hide my fascination, love, and devotion to Kate Moss. No, so maybe I am stuck and shoved somewhere up her waif-ish ass, but it’s okay. She’s the best of the best, the top of the top, and I love her dearly for every time she hung out a window, upside down and smoking while clearly intoxicated and probably on coke. I cherish those moments and I cherish her. She obviously has her life mostly together and she still is grand.

While I’ll never suggest one to wear fur, I think she looks absolutely marvelous and she can wear whatever she chooses, because she takes the chances and generally pulls off anything flawlessly, hot messes and all. She has the greatest sense of personal style, it makes me envious. Who can pull off all of that leather, Balmain booties I believe, and all of that fur. It really makes me wonder if any of that is faux. I mean, she is best friends with Stell McCartney and we all know her stance on fur, so maybe Kate listens to her friends, or they just let her make her own decisions. Either way, you can’t hate on this woman. If you’re hating, take a turn to the left and get the fuck out!



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