I don’t EVEN know…AGAIN

I’ve lost all hope in humanity. Really?! Okay, apparently before that awkward powder incident, she’s parading around town with Perez, a horrendously golden Perez at that. Not only that, but the picture with the one and only fabulous Liza leaves me absolutely speechless. It’s like spotting a rare animal mating out in the wild. This actually frightens me to no extent and I want to know what is happening in the world that it has to chew and spit this at me ever so violently. Well, I don’t know what to think about this world. I expect you to be bringing on the Apocalypse, raining frogs, blood, and all that jazz. Life apparently is no cabaret, old chum, so please tell me why this had to happen. I need Ms. Norbury to gather us in the school gym and explain this to me through group exercises and quickly thought up reasoning, because I have nothing that could help at this point.

Okay, apparently the first is at a Paramount party and the Lilo in a turquoise dress is at Perez’s birthday bash. Anyway, you have to wonder why she’s even there.  I…just…don’t. On one hand, Lindsay is looking pretty good and has laid of the tanning. Only  if she just let her lips alone and didn’t try so hard being sexy. She can do that without trying, otherwise it comes off skanky and filthy, and the latter is what has been really shining lately. Girl, call up Tina and get yourself back on track. Do it for me and my sanity, please and thank you. I’ll bring you endless Red Bull and Parliments you could ever dream of. Think of me, will you. Think of me.



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