SJP and Pals at ShoWest

SJP, Cynthia, and Kristen made an appearance at ShoWest and I think they look fabulous. I enjoy the fact I could call them by their Sex and the City names and it would fit based on the fact they dress like they’re still in character. Cynthia is so pretty with her red locks and Kristen Davis pretty as well, but I’m not totally dying on the 90’s floral Oscar de la Renta, although she toned down those vibes than what was on the runway. Anyway, my eyes are focused on SJP. Not only do I love her dress, I adore the shoes. The dress is Lanvin Spring 2010, but the shoes I cannot place. Lanvin is one of my favorites and Alber does interesting silhouettes and beautiful designs, but those shoes still catch my eye. The gold platform is amazing. Love, love, love.

Also, I note how much I love SJP’s Marchesa at the closing of ShoWest?! That black tulle is so flow-y, feminine, youthful, and full of whimsy. Meanwhile, Kristen’s Oscar de la Renta isn’t working in the bodice.

Check out SJP’s dress’ original runway looks after the cut…



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