Louis Vuitton Preview and Models

Looking at a preview of Louis Vuitton. The clothes seem more drab, a bit Miss Havisham, and a lot different than the afro’d models Marc Jacobs put down last season. LVMH must have had a chat with him or something. I’ve seen a few more photos as I’ve typed this and they dresses don’t show knee, quite feminine, and more suitable for a mature female. I’m liking what I see.

Meanwhile, Marc for LV follows on trend with fashion leaders and uses curvier, older models. He uses Laetitia Costa, Bar Rafaeli, Lara Stone, Coco Rocha, Noémi Lenoir,  Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio again, and my least favorite, Elle McPherson. Lara Stone is 26 and still very in demand as well as Coco being 21 and still has a fabulous career, so I don’t really accept those two on the list. For the rest, they’ve all been or are either bathing models or a VS model and the curves on go so far, so it’s not too shocking out of the fashion world. Take from it what you want. Also, what is up with Stam’s boobs?!  That better be a bra, girl.



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