I want, I want, I want…

While I continue to wear my skinny jeans as I feel they look best on my long-ish legs, I would consider to wear Gareth Pugh’s Fall RTW 2010 pants any day. I’m not use to wearing a different pants style, but these are to die for. The pants are fitted in the thigh and flare out around the knee for the most perfect look that I would definitely wear as an alternative to the skinnier styles that I prefer. Also, I love the male model’s hair and I’m curious to see what the cage-like straps he wears would look on top of some shirt of any kind. Things like this leaves the line as very provoking. Something to ponder on.

While I’m on topic, I didn’t know what to think about Pugh’s show. It is by far the edgier material that has been shown in Paris this past week. I just reviewed it again to regain the image of the pants that I love. Well, I am intrigued at the a-line with an edge attitude that Mr. Pugh gave me. He experimented with a dark, sexy, almost dominatrix themed show with leather and PVC-like materials that I really enjoyed. A lot of the things seem purely experimental and too edgy for an everyday crowd, and that’s okay. At least I can now imagine a true sense of uniform that I would wear while kicking ass, because a lot of this actually reminds me of the Matrix. 

What really kills me is the cashmere coat that Karlie Kloss strutted in. This girl always gets the best ensembles in all of the shows she walks in, as you may have seen me mention her in numerous posts. In addition to the coat, the flared pant gives this such a wonderful play on silhouette, really something that arouses my attention. I would like to make my order now on her coat and the pants, and would like my shipment as soon as fall hits. K, thanks.



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